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Sunderland Headlight

About us

Headlight is a service user led Mental Health Resource Centre. The centre provides information around mental health issues, provides volunteer opportunities,  and signposts members in the right direction. We run various courses and recreational activities. We encourage participation and aim to build members confidence to be inclusive members of Headlight and the wider community.


Headlight believes that everyone has something to offer and that individuals develop a sense of belonging through participation and relationship building. Encouraging the development of community values has helped to create the caring environment people experience when they access the service offered.


Assisting individuals to engage in activities and speak up in a group environment is often a massive step forward and is the enabling factor in members believing in themselves and their own experiences and most importantly is making steps towards recovery.


We believe that everyone has something to offer and we all work towards creating


'A place to belong'

Sunderland Headlight's Mission Statement

‘To provide information and support to service users whilst maintaining a user led ethos, through actively involving mental health service users in decision making processes and the running of the project’

Sunderland Headlight's Vision

Developing a sense of community for people with mental health issues where they truly have a

'place to belong'

If you want to be involved and become part of Headlight, contact us on

0191 5101494

or send us an email at


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