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Whats broken can be mended

What hurts can be healed

And no matter how dark it gets

the sun is going to rise again

Headlight works with a multi agency approach and this ensures the best package of care is in place for service users. Headlight is recognised for the positive work it does in a community setting.


Professionals highlight that working in conjunction with Headlight has positive outcomes for service users. The following testimonials are from professionals who utilise Headlight's service:

'Headlight provides a vast range of support to people in the community of Sunderland who experience various issues with mental health. This support can range from access to group activities and one on one individual counselling. One of the main outlets of support, as simple as it may appear, is that Headlight are excellent at breaking down social barriers and reducing the stigmatisation people with mental health issues invariably suffer as a result of their illness(es). Patients who access this service regularly comment on an experience of feeling safe, understood and accepted while at Headlight. Thank you.'



'If my service user did not have this service to use I feel his mental health would deteriorate and he would be at risk as he would not have somewhere safe to socialise during the day, as he is very vulnerable. The staff are able to recognise his relapse indicators, which keeps his mental health more stable. I find the staff extremely approachable and friendly. They are hardworking and always willing to help.'




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